Sandhya has worked as an independent marketing consultant for over 10 years. Her expertise lies in provider-client r elationships, experiential marketing and market networking. Her forte lies in helping small and medium business reach a wider
audience through using new media and channels. With two Masters Degrees, one in English Literature and another in Business Administration, Sandhya is also an accomplished Event planner/producer who has worked in all aspects of the industry. Sandhya’s passion for marketing, events, people and education led her to serve in the private and non-profit sector. Prior to devoting herself to her business full-time, she worked, planned, and consulted on several marketing campaigns and events for several major companies.


Anoop Nair

Group head -
Account Management

Jubin John

Director - Strategy

Sreebala Pottakkat

Creative Director

Nikhil Tharak

Content - Lead